9ja Formula Story – My Rich Boyfriend And My Broke (Episode 4) 18+

Kelvin is one rude and proud dude, I put up with him just because of his money. I love him oo, a bit though because he knows his responsibilities, we might fight o but he will definitely do anything to satisfy me.

He pays my rent and he is my boyfriend so don’t expect me to defend Ope at his presence. I know Ope too will feel embarrassed but he didn’t show it, he looked back at me and wink “Good night baby” he said. I smile and replied him.

Kelvin slammed the door, eh! Wetin na? you wan break my door? He sha don go. Kelvin looked very angry, he sits and asked, who is the guy? I sit on his laps and rub his chest; baby, if I start to explain, you won’t understand.

Suddenly he angrily pushed me away, understand? So you think I’m a fool? You hid a man in your room this late and you can’t answer simple question?

Hid? Why will I hid him in my room? You know I date only you so I don’t know why you are jealous, it is not as if you met me at his place or you met us in a romantic position and you could see we both wear clothes, so don’t even start.

The dude is my helper, and I don’t want to start talking because I know you very well. I didn’t even allow Kelvin to talk again, wetin dey do this guy sef? Na free him dey give me money ni?

Kelvin is used to dominate me anytime we argue and that is because he knows I wouldn’t want to talk because of things he do buy for me, I understand him and I always play along.

But I think it’s time I stop it, he had never buy me gift for free, anytime he buys me gift. Especially an expensive one he will fuck the hell out of me, it’s like a trade; I don’t even know the difference between me and those runs girl.

That night I wear a trouser which I never tried with him before, since he will be sleeping over the night I don’t want any stupid dick in me at all. I off the light and pick my phone; I will like to chat till I slept off.

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Kelvin tried to talk to me asking what I will eat, I told him I’m full and he shouldn’t disturb me with foolish questions. He started begging me, telling me he doesn’t like to see me with another man and I replied, so if you see me with my dad, you will break his head? Biko let me be.

I gave Ope phone but I forgot to collect his number, I would have chat with him and apologise, he didn’t do anything wrong now. I know all kelvin wants is to have sex with me all through the night but him no go see.

He keeps murmuring and I don’t give a damn. I slept off while browsing on the phone.

When I woke up the following morning, I didn’t see kelvin; what is going on, I tried to check his car outside but it’s not there, that means he left already.

How will this dude leave without telling me? I wanted to collect money from him o, I tried to show care by calling him but he didn’t picked his call. Could he be angry or he is busy? I am not that bothered tho, he will call when he misses me or come sef when he miss my pussy, he always tell me that no pussy is sweet like mine. Lol

On this very day, I am very free, looking for where to go, how I wish Ope can call me or come to my house, I don’t want to go to his place, I wouldn’t want him to be thinking I want something else.

You know how guys think now? I decided to do some house chores and fetch water. I was going to carry my gallons to fetch water, I just saw Ope coming towards me, wow! I looked excited.

He reached my side and asked what am doing. I said I wanted to fetch water.
So you will carry these by yourself? “He asked” why not? It is not big deal ; this is not my first time na “I replied”.

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Ope said he will help me. Are you serious? “I asked” and he said why not, he wouldn’t let a beautiful lady carry these kegs by herself, okay on (I blush me).

But aren’t you going somewhere, he said he’s going studio that one artiste is coming to record, I asked him to go but he insisted.
Okay now, let’s go! He helped me with the two kegs; I was a bit happy because it worries me anytime I want to fetch water.

Those kegs are heavy ehn. I asked if I can follow him to the studio that I am not doing anything, he said its okay that he will love it if I can follow him. Wow! Okay now but you will have to wait o, I want to take my bath and do little make-up “I said” and he said no problem that he will just wait outside.

Outside keh, I don’t understand why he will choose to wait outside o, I said he should just come inside that I just made breakfast, he should eat while I bath. He said he don’t want my boyfriend wahala, I laughed and said he don’t have to worry about that. He entered and I served him the jollof rice I cooked before I go to the bathroom.

I make sure I fasten up my bath, I entered my room; Ope is looking at my picture, I just wrap towel after my bath but I make sure I wear pant, as I wanted to pick up my makeups from the trolley, my wrapper just removed all of the suddenly o.

Jesus! What is this?

To be continued..

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