9ja Formula Story – My Side Chick (Final Episode)

I was confused with what Akin said, scam? Is Betty trying to scam me with a fake pregnancy? Before I know it Betty said I should give her 500,000 naira and she will not disturb me ever again.

I was like, is abortion that costly? She got angry and stood up, what if I die during the abortion? You will be enjoying with your family and I will just die in vain. If you think the money is too much, then dare me.

I said okay, I asked her to sit down and sort it out once and for all, while I was dragging it with her, Akin met us on the argument. But to my surprise, Akin slapped her all of the sudden, what is going on here? I asked Akin.

Akin why will you slap Betty like that? “I asked again” and He said this bitch is shameless, she is trying to extort me with her fake pregnancy. Betty stood up and asked what he mean by extort? So David, you set me up with your friend to come and harass me right?

I said it’s not like that, I don’t even understand what is going on; Akin will never act like this without a good reason. Akin didn’t calm down and still calling Betty names, I asked him to sit and let’s talk without violence, beating a woman is not the right thing to settle issues. Akin sits and face Betty asking her where the pregnancy test is, but Betty was only crying rubbing her chin.

I faced Akin, Guy please talk to me, is there anything I need to know? Akin starts to explain saying Annabel told him Betty’s plan, she said she is not pregnant and she only wants to collect money from me or destroy my home.

Betty was shocked when Akin said he got the information from her close friend and roommate, I was so angry, I looked at her and asked her to provide the pregnancy test or better still, I will take her to the hospital for the test.

I can’t comprehend the whole situation, what kind mess am I into? This is why you should be faithful in your relationship, I have never had problem with my wife; I need to beg Cynthia and ask her to forgive me. I promised myself to tell Cynthia everything and ready to face whatever that comes from it. I tried to persuade Akin to leave the stupid girl.

I stood up and about to take my leave, Betty hugged me and tried to beg me, she said she knows she is at fault but it’s because she loves me.

She continued saying she doesn’t know what to do and how to live without me because she is in love with me which is why she lied thinking maybe I will be nice to her if she tells me she’s pregnant”.

Betty started confessing the evil act she has in mind but I’m not interested, I pushed her away and warned her not to come near me and my family and if she dares me, I will get her arrested.

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On my way home, I branch a supermarket to buy flower, (I should be romantic when confessing my sins to my wife you know). Cynthia loves flower, so tonight Betty’s drama must end. I called my wife to inform her that I will be home soon. Immediately I entered my living room, I saw the same bitch just like the other night.

She wants to fuck, I just played along with her since she had made up her mind to go wild for a while, we had sex for almost one hour, on the couch, on the floor and we ended it inside the room.

Even though I was tired, I always get strength to have sex (That is who I am). After the hot sex, Cynthia said we should shower together which I accepted and even had few minutes doggie in the bathroom.

That is where I told her I have something to tell her, I went back to the living room to pick up the flower I bought and give her, she was so happy and excited and I said “Babe I have offended you and I want you to find a space in your heart to forgive me”. She was shocked and said, no! I didn’t do anything wrong. I ask her to sit that I will tell her everything.

I said “Cynthia, I have engaged myself in an extramarital affair with one young lady but I realised I have been going astray. Cynthia moved away from me, I wanted to touch her but she yelled not to touch her, (of course, I expected this much). She said I should keep talking. I started confessing how I met Betty and how she seduced me to have sex with her.

She screamed so loud when I mentioned sex, you had sex with another woman? Who is she? Where is she? How many times did you fuck her? She asked a thousand of questions within few seconds. I said that doesn’t matter again, because I have realised my mistakes and I am back to you my love.

Please don’t persuade me; “she said” I want you to start answering the questions one by one. Is the girl Tina? Because I have suspected the girl since the day you came home with her but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have any evidence (Cynthia is not taking it easy). She asked me to start talking or else she will go to their house this night.

Love, please don’t take it like that, I am telling you this because I felt guilty, I have been trying to keep it to myself but my conscience will not let me. I tried not to do it but you starved me sex for a long time, you hardly give me sex ever since you gave birth and when the girl approached me, I didn’t want to do it, but I needed sex that time, that is why I had to do it.

So sex is food? Sex is money that you need right? “she asked” before I know it, she dragged her bags out from where she kept them and threatens to leave the house if I refused to say who the person is and how many time I had sex with her.

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This is a serious case o (I said to myself), Cynthia (I called her name softly), she didn’t answer then I said I will tell her everything and answer all her questions.

She sits and I started confessing, I said Tina is not my uncle’s daughter, her name is Betty and that night I had to lie because I was shocked to have met her at home.

Hmmm! So you have gut to bring a woman to this house? “Cynthia said”. She said she suspected me that night because I wasn’t composed and I was just smelling like someone that just had sex.

I went on my knees and asked for forgiveness but she insisted I tell her how many times I had sex with Betty, I don’t know why she keep asking the same question repeatedly but I just tell her that we had sex like four times.

Cynthia exclaimed, Jesus! So you are doing all this behind me David? Men are useless, despite what I have done for you, she started bringing different stories up but who am I to get angry, I knew she will get angry but my aim to to make her forgive me.

She packed her bags and moved towards living room, my daughter was crying because the tension in the house is unusual. I have never fight with Cynthia ever since I got married to her.

I said I love her and that is why I decided to tell her everything she left the house but I decided not to follow her because I don’t want our neighbors to get involved, I went back to the bedroom and check if I still have some alcohol inside my fridge.

I saw one and I got drunk, after few minutes I heard the sound of the door like someone is trying to enter, I became weak because of the drink but I tried to check who the person is. Guess who?

Cynthia.? My daughter has slept already, she dropped her in her room and came back to meet me in the living room, she jumped on me and kissed me telling me she can’t live without me that she is sorry for leaving the house in the first place. We had make up sex that night but she complained she’s feeling dizzy.

The following morning, I took her to the hospital for check up and fortunately my wife is pregnant.

That is how my journey on extra marital affair make me appreciate my wife more and ever since then, I didn’t try such again.

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