9ja Formula Story – My Side Chick (Episode 9)

This Betty again! What does she want now? She is just deceiving herself o and I definitely know what to do. Even though I was worried about her message that night, I tried not to show it because I wouldn’t want Cynthia to think something is going on.

Cynthia came in suddenly and asked why I was staring at my phone like that; I laughed and said nothing. She gave me water and started kissing me again, baby when are we now going to Dubai; “She asked” I jokingly replied, where will you put your daughter? She hits me and said “You forgot I still have a mother” oh my bad, Am sorry my queen.

We both laughed out loud and slept off, the second day I have to resume work early so I left my wife in bed, she didn’t wake up till I left for work (the sex was too hot for her to wake up early) .

I have meeting with my team and we have a lot of things to talk about. I am still worried about Betty and l don’t know how to go about it, maybe I should talk to her and pay her off, with the way she is acting, and she might go to my wife and tell her rubbish o. I decided to call her, but she didn’t pick the call.

Immediately I got to office, I ordered everyone to meet me at the conference hall where no one can disturb or listen to us. That will be my first meeting as the head of marketing, I was happy to stand in front of them and talk about strategies and ways to improve our sales to get more clients.

We discussed about many things and I make sure I assigned each of them to some of our existing customers and some other assignments.

While I was talking, my wife called, but I didn’t pick the talk to show some morals, but this woman keeps calling me as if something urgent happened.

The meeting lasted for abut 30mins; we are to meet the following week for market results. So I wanted to return Cynthia’s call to ask what happened. But to my surprise, she already sent a message telling me “Rita is here” (Rita) , I still don’t get, I called her and she pick.

Hello sweetheart (She said), I said I saw her message but I was unable to pick her call because I was conducting a meeting with my team. Cynthia said Tina is here, I don’t even know what she is talking about. Tina? Who? (I asked), your uncle’s daughter now! Jesus!! (Is Betty mad?) I knew she is up to something. Didn’t she tell you she will be coming? Cynthia asked; I said she did, it escaped my mind. I tell my wife to pass the phone to her.

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Hello be.. (I wanted to mention her name but who knows, the phone might be on loud speaker). How are you Tina? I asked and she said she’s fine. But what wrong with your phone, I called you earlier to ask about your movement, she said nothing that the phone is with her. I said ok and I will join them soon.

Betty is playing with fire, she will regret all of this if my wife should find out because I know how to handle my wife, and she will be the one to go at end.

If she thinks she is crazy, I will let her know I have chronic madness, I started talking to myself thinking of my next step, I sent Betty a message, I said she should find a lie to tell my wife and meet me at the usual spot. She should not invite Annabel or anyone because we need to sort things out. I hope she got it because she didn’t reply or call me.

I tried to close as early as possible, I lied to my colleagues that I have some clients I need to see, even though I’m their boss, I still can’t leave work without any tangible reason. I went straight to the bar, I kept calling that stupid girl but she wouldn’t pick, I just hope she comes.

Immediately I got to the bar, I saw her sitting alone with a bottle of wine, thank God, I said; I walked up to her and call her name like I used to “Bettyy” she looked at me and hissed, what do you want to tell me? She asked, I don’t know how to start but what I want to know is what she is doing at my place.

I sit down and asked. Betty why are you doing this to me? What exactly do you want from me? What are you trying to gain by going to my house? She looked at me and smile; she said “you want to kill me with questions right?” Wait sef, what do you think I want? Marry you? Never, I don’t have interest in marrying you but the fact that you think you are smart is the reason I’m acting this way.

You fucked me like a whore and now you are trying to deny the belle, when the tin dey sweet you, you no know? abeg oo! Betty was talking on top of her voice, I don’t even know what to say, but Betty, how would you say “e dey sweet me” I thought we both enjoyed it; “I said” you are now talking as if I approached you first. Is this how you used to do? Okay what do we do? I asked.

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She said I should take her to Dubai with me, Dubai? Which Dubai? (I didn’t remembered telling her about Dubai), I asked what she’s talking about and she said I shouldn’t pretend because my wife told her we are both going to Dubai for vacation. Cynthia did? I exclaimed! I was confused, when did you guys get closed to be sharing that kind of news? I can’t comprehend.

This is getting more serious, what if my wife asked about Tina from my uncle? How do I explain, this is why it is not good to lie o, Cynthia is now treating this bitch like her sister in-law. Betty, see I can’t do that for you, it true I have a trip to Dubai but that is with my wife, other colleagues too will be going with my their wives, how do I explain to Cynthia if she finds out I go with you.

You know what, tell me any amount you want, let me pay you and get rid of that thing you called pregnant. She wanted to say no but later said okay, will I give her any amount for real? “She asked” and I said yes.

While she was thinking about it, my phone rings and I checked, it is Akin, I picked up and to my surprise, he asked where I am, I said at the bar. He asked if I was with Betty and I said yes.

He said “no give that girl any money o, she is a scam, am coming there right away” ..

As in? What is going on? I looked Betty, I was surprised and confused at the same time! Could this be true??

Wait for part 10

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