9ja Formula Story – My Rich Boyfriend And My Broke Boyfriend (Episode 3) 18+

I looked around if I will see Ope but I didn’t, I decided to go back inside to meet kelvin. Hey love! Kelvin looks so angry, what’s with that look dear? I asked and he said he don’t like the way I’ve been treating him.

He said he noticed I am only after his money and I act like I don’t care about his feelings but I am not surprised! I replied kelvin, “If I’m after your money, that means it’s because you are after my body too, you don’t give me the respect I deserve, imagine I told you am okay during sex but no, you wouldn’t listen, is that how you treat the woman you love?

“But you enjoyed it” he said; Says who? Who told you I enjoyed it, you are too rough and you also fuck me like one prostitute in a motel. He wanted to apologise but what is the point since I already collected IPhone X from him and I know he can’t change just because I complained, as long as he keeps giving me money and other expensive things, I don’t care about how he treats me.

He asked if I will like to go out and have a  nice time together, but I have other plans so I just discharged kelvin. As I walked Kelvin down to where he parked his car; I saw Ope coming, thank God, I decide to wait for him. When he reached where I am, he just walked bye and didn’t act like he sees me, what is going on? “I asked myself”

I called him, “Hey Angel” Then he looked back, he looked surprised and asked when did I changed my cloth, he didn’t recognised me. how will you not recognise me because of my outfit, he said he didn’t get to look my face very well yesterday night and he was focused on where he’s going.

By the way, I came knocking on your door, when I waited for long outside, I had to ask one of your neighbours to guide me to your room but it seems you were busy, so I decided to leave.

Hey, busy? Was I? I wanted to pretend but it seems he knows what was going on, he said it’s okay though, and there is no big deal in that. I was just looking at his mouth, he talked like my ex-boyfriend Richard, he hits the nail on the head and I respect him for that.

I asked Ope if he have other plans but he said he’s heading home, so I used style to ask if his house is not far, he said it’s close to my house.

I said I will like to know his house if he won’t mind, he laugh and said why will a big like me want to know his house? I replied him and said am not a big girl; I am a small girl with big God. We both laugh and I followed him to his house.

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On getting to his house, it’s cool for a bachelor, it’s a bit furnished but too small, he even cooks in the room. He offered me to sit and asked what I will like to drink but I don’t know his condition, I just asked for malt, he should at least have 150naira now.

He went out to get it and I feel so comfortable on his solid bed, he came back and asked if I need anything else, but I don’t think so because I think I will leave soon.

He sits on the couch and start looking at me, he didn’t even say anything, I said to myself, is he shy or what? So I initiated the conversation and asked “do you have a girlfriend?” He scoffs and said why am I asking such question? But to me I think he doesn’t have a girlfriend but he refused to answer the question.

He asked what I do for a living, hope he is not thinking I’m olosho, I replied I said nothing at the moment, I just finished with my National Diploma so I should be doing my industrial training but all these companies don’t want to pay so I decided to hustle till next year.

Hustle? What kind of hustle? “He asked”. Well, I want to gather money and start my boutique business. He said it’s cool and stay mute again, so I asked him about his phone but he said it’s still with the engineer and it should be ready by tomorrow.

I don’t know how he will feel if I give him the my used phone, but I had to try; I told him I wanted to give him something the other time, I bring out the phone from my pocket and give it to him, he asked what he should do with it.

Since you saved me from the hoodlums yesterday night, I don’t think this is too much because your phone got damaged because of me. He wanted to return it but I said I will be angry if he did.

He was like how could you dash me IPhone 7? (Thank God he knows it worth). He was short of words and I can see that in his eyes. That reminds me, where were you coming from yesterday? “I asked”.

He said he was coming from studio.. Studio? Do you sing? ‘I asked again’ but he said he is a music producer and works at a studio, he had late recording and that was why he came back late.

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He said he saw the guys when they dragged me to the uncompleted building but had to look for a cutlass to scare them.

Omg! I was thinking you are a vigilante o! we both laugh. I said I will like to make friends with him, just a friend o, he said no problem that I’m welcome. He is very cool and calm, even though I wear a revealing top, I feel relaxed, I always think guys are the same but Ope actually gave me another perception of men, he wouldn’t even mistakenly touch me, he distant himself enough not to make body contact.

It’s late already, I think I need to take my leave; he agreed and offer to walk me down to my house. We stepped outside and its cloudy already, seems it will rain, “Ope says”. Let’s walk fast; I can’t let you go by yourself, who knows if those guys are still tailing you. Hmmm! This dude is a real angel; he is even looking out for me. I feel so safe with him.

We got to my house then it starts raining, he said I should enter that he will run back to his house, but I said no; I asked him to enter till the rain stops, he wanted to object but I insist.

Then he enters, thank God we have light, so I switched on my TV and play music, the rain is quite heavy, I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.

Ope said, I should just let him go home. Guy, calm now, I be witch ni? He laughs and said okay. It’s actually getting late am feeling sleepy already. I think it’s around 9pm, I just hear someone knocking, who could it be? I checked and found out that it’s Kelvin.

Kelvin?? I was shocked, not because I have a visitor but he didn’t inform me that he will be coming.

Ope laid on the bed while kelvin entered, kelvin was a bit shocked, my very aggressive rich boyfriend, I know what he can do so I just make quick introduction but kelvin is not satisfied with that.

He wanted to ask what he is doing at my place. Ope stood up and asked if he’s my boyfriend and I said yes.

Ope stretched his hand to shake kelvin but my rich boyfriend neglected him, kelvin opened the door for Ope and politely ask him to leave. I can’t interfere, since kelvin pays for the rent.
To be continued…….

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