9ja Formula Story – In Love With My Friend’s Boyfriend (Part 10 & 11)

Kunle is already here? I didn’t realised what I have done until this moment, I was so confused and shocked that I asked James for help, how will I call a stranger to come to my rescue (I wasn’t thinking).

Kunle was a bit surprised to have seen the guy with me, he couldn’t help it but to ask what is going on here? I told him, we will talk about it later on.

I introduced him to James (corper) and they both shake hands, I told the two guys to let’s look for a cab so the three of us can leave together. James asked the okada man to leave and we all moved down to the main road to get a cab.

As we were moving towards the main road, James keep eyeing me but kunle is busy with his phone, fortunately, we saw an empty cab and the three of us sit at the back (I dey middle sha). On our way, james couldn’t keep quiet, he asked if I got his message and I said yes, (kunle looked at me and go back pressing his phone, wetin dey do him?). I think my decision to call this two guys is the best, Kunle didn’t say anything till the corper dropped from the taxi (he was the first person to drop).

The corper made an attempt to pay for taxi, but Kunle tells him not to bother, of course, kunle and I are close already, and the corper happens to be the stranger among us, so in my own opinion, kunle should pay for the transport fee. James gets down and it’s just kunle and I in the car, he asked “is he your boyfriend?” I said no and maybe yes, we just met anyways.

I asked kunle what he thinks about James as a guy, he said he is cool and seems nice too that if he ask me out, I should just date him (Really?), kunle keeps pressing phone , I wanted to ask him things with Bimbo, but I was too tired to talk about anybody. We dropped from taxi and we departed.

Thank God I got home safely, what would have happened to me if I allowed my boss to do that shit with me, I don’t have any regret but I keep thinking out loud why he would go to that extent, maybe if he talked about it, if he sit me down and tells me he would like to have a taste of me, I would have considered him, how could an old idiot just play smart on a smarter bitch like me. (Very ridiculous)

Now that I reach house, I checked the time its past 10pm, I can’t even sleep and thank God its weekend tomorrow, Corper has been calling me but I needed to shower, wash myself very well before anything else. When am done with all that, I laid on my small bed and unlock my phone I had couple of missed calls from my boss, kunle, bimbo and corper, I know they would be online, so I decided to join them, I on my data (come and see loads of messages, both bc and pm).

I thanked Kunle for helping me out, while I did the same to corper, I asked kunle to tell me what he would like me to do for him as a means of appreciation, and he said I should help him talk with Bimbo that she keeps telling him to wait, I told kunle Bimbo has a boyfriend but the guy is not in his right mind according to bimbo, she told me her current boyfriend(segun) has been acting strange for a while, so I told kunle to keep trying that she will definitely give him a chance. (I just had to tell him the truth since he is my bestie now) that doesn’t stop the fact that I like him.

Let me be sincere, I still like kunle but when he decided to date my friend nko? I need to put some respect on my feelings, as I was talking with kunle, I have got a whole lot messages from James (corper) so I excused kunle to talk with my corper friend..

See our chat here..
Me: thanks for today dude, I owe you!
James: c’mon stop that.
Me: no, that was very kind of you, we barely know each other and I made you do such a thing.
James: its ok, you are welcome
Me: so how are you? I hope you are home?
James: yes and you?
Me: home too, just that am feeling sleepy already.
Jame: oh, would you please answer my question before you go then?
Me: what question is that?
James: about tomorrow, can we see?
Me: I’m not sure o, but why would you want to see me?
James: I will tell you when we see, let’s see first.
Me: ok, can we make it Sunday? And where do we see?
James: my place or you want to hang out somewhere?
Me: not really, you place is ok, hope I’m safe sha?
James: sure now.
Me: call to remind me tomorrow, so that I can make plans.
James: okay dear.
Me: please I want to sleep. Good night)
I discharged James with the intention of going back to bed. As I was about to off my data, I got a message from Bimbo, she said can we talk? And I replied “call me” (because I might dozed off if we talk on whatsap)
She called.. Here is our conversation
(Phone rings) me: Hello bae
Bimbo: I have called you severally today, where have you been?
Me: Long story
Bimbo: How long?
Me: very long, whatsup and wetin you wan yarn me?
Bimbo: Tina I broke up with Segun !
(Broke up? Be like this bitch don already fall for Kunle)
Me: well I can’t say well-done but what transpired between you two this time?
Bimbo: I went to his place today and guess what I saw, that fool was busy fucking one small girl and he didn’t even locked the door. I didn’t inform him I was coming (bimbo is crying sha). If you see the girl ehn, anyway I broke up with him and I let him know.
Me: good job bitch, men are fools, what’s so special in digging every hole they see. I think that was why he has been acting strange, he got another hole, men are after hole, and love is just to cover up.
Bimbo: I don’t even know whom to talk to, that was why I called you but you didn’t pick.
Me: am sorry, I was actually in a big mess today, but I will gist you when we see.
Bimbo: Tina, I think I should date Kunle, or what do you think?
Me: think? I can’t control your love life, maybe you should date him, you need someone to lift the heavy burden that idiot put on you.
Bimbo: I will give you feedback tomorrow.
Me: Ok babes, tomorrow please, I need to go to bed now.
I off he light and sleep..

Part 11

It’s a beautiful morning, I checked the time; it is 10am (omg!) it’s been a while I woke up this late, even on weekend days. But I think I had a long day yesterday, I couldn’t do much and I sluggishly picked up my phone to check if I have any messages. I saw a sms from my boss, it reads… “Tina please I’m sorry about what happened yesterday, I think we should see and talk about it’ I deleted the message immediately. (I don’t want to have anything to do with a shameless old fool).

I saw another one from corper, it reads… “Ever since I set my eyes on you, I keep seeing you even when I close my eyes, you are so beautiful and mature, thanks for letting me into your life” I smiled (why do guys always say sweet words when they see new chicks?) inside my head I know what he meant and what he is looking for, but how did I allow him into my life (I asked myself). The next message was from Bimbo, she asked me to come online (ok be like she don say yes).

I switched on my data to see what’s going on, the first message I saw was from the group chat, a guy called one lady “a bitch” and all this girls in that group dealt with that guy seriously. Please why would a guy call an innocent girl a bitch when you haven’t even fucked her before? Some guys need to start going to seminars to know how to treat a woman, you can call me bitch but biko don’t mean the word, I can kill you if you mean it. Only I or any of my female friends can call me that.

Let me mind my business, Bimbo dragged me here, I asked whatsup and she said she is now dating Kunle (hmmm, my crush is now my friend’s boyfriend) that doesn’t stopped me from loving him secretly, I will allow them to date at least for my friend’s sake. I said to Bimbo “Bitch, am happy for you”. But to my surprise, kunle didn’t chat with me that day at all; he didn’t even tell me he is now dating my friend. (or shey I no deserve to know ni?). I can’t figure out what he is thinking.

I stayed home all through; I relaxed and felt so great. Around 7pm, I got a call from James.

See our conversation:
Me: hi corper James
James: hi miss Tina
Me: who told you am miss?
James: my instinct. (He laughs)
Me: stop been romantic, I don’t fall for that kind thing.
James: Am not been anything, am doing me.
Me: ok o
James: how about tomorrow? Would you be chanced?
Me: I will try but I can’t promise (I don’t have plans tho, but I can’t just assure him)
James: Ok, I will be glad if you try.
Me: ok o.

I cut the call and on my data to reply some messages from my secret admirers. But wait, I still didn’t see any message from kunle, has he already casted me out? I also don’t bother to send him any message. I switched off the data and sleep! (I am not the type that stays online for too long).

The following morning, I don’t have any plans but I would love to go out, I was indoor throughout yesterday remember, I called bimbo to check on her, her number was not going. I decided to switch on my data and immediately I on it, I saw a message from kunle, he asked me to come to his place that he is bored (why can’t he call his gf?). I told him I will come, since I will be going to corper’s place, I decided to wear something good and head out to kunle’s house.

I got to his house, he was playing music, everywhere was so loud, I asked myself, what if he tried to repeat what he did last time (you remember?), even if I shout nobody will hear me o, should I just turn back? But one mind tells me to go in, since he is a relationship with my friend he will have no reason to try that, let me try to trust him this time.

I entered the room, he was lying on the bed wearing underwear only (this guy fine sha), he stood up and said Tina, welcome. How you dey? I nod my head and asked why he turned up the volume like that, he said he only enjoy music when it’s loud. (Okay o). He asked if am going out that makes me dressed up, and I said yes, I have a date.

He was amazed with the way I responded, he didn’t say anything but glared at me and said I look beautiful and very sexy, (I smiled, I know), he said if not that I’ve dated his friend, he would have try to date me. I smirk, like see fool. I later tell him I heard he is now dating Bimbo; he laughed and said, did she tell me? (bfor nko) who else will tell me?

He said he doesn’t know why he asked bimbo out that he can’t figure out the reason, but he thinks it’s because of me. I don’t seem to understand, because of me? Why will I be your reason to ask her out? He said because he knew I liked him, he also made it clear that he likes me too that he can’t just date me just not to make his friend feel bad.

I said I understand, he said he decided to date my friend just to make me stop liking him (I smiled), inside my head, I want to believe him but what is the point? Why is he telling me all this? Maybe his friend didn’t tell him we had nothing intimate like sex together, maybe he thinks am a bitch that want to destroy their friendship, he do have a point because come to think of it, why would I date someone I didn’t loved to get closed with the one I loved. (It’s my mistake and I didn’t regret it).

I felt so relieved when he said he likes me, I almost let my guard down, but while we are at it, James called and asked if I was on my way. I said yes and tell Kunle to let’s talk when am back or on whatsapp. I left for James’ house.

Part 12 coming up…

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