Guys!! See The 5 Ways You Can Give A Girl Orgasm

1) Get to know the clitoris : women clitoris can make them squirt when rubbed or played with. The power of the clitoris will make any girl go inside when toyed with.

2) Pay more attention to her butt and nipple: Ladies butt and nipple make it easier to give them orgasm. Slap her butt, suck her nipple, do it till you see her loosing control.

3) Learn what she likes — and follow her lead : This will help you a lot, some girls know better, they know how and what their body react on. Know what she likes and follow her lead.

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4) Don’t stop kissing her: kiss her more, make sure you kiss her on every sensitive part and don’t take your hand off her pussy while doing that.

5) Talk Dirty: This gives ladies some unseen fantasies, while you talk dirty, she will be in her imagination till she became wet. It is now your job to notice her and proceed, it won’t take time before she gets orgasm.

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